Sometimes I feel like I’m doing nothing in my life or i feel like I’ll fail to do something before trying it! That is the reason behind i never tried to something new. I don’t want to lose battle without fighting it. Can someone help me getting over this fear of failure? Needs help! Reply if you wants to help!




Then, I accepted the call. This time it’s different, it’s the voice which I heard before that scary voice. But, she seems scared. She is talking in the same language, which that man used. But only one thing I can understand she is asking me for help. When I asked her does she know the Hindi language, she said no, but she knows the English pretty well. Then I tried to ask about her in my kind of “English”. She told me her name “anthara”. She is trying to tell me that she needed my help .as soon as I can say something, the call gets ended. I tried again & again to call but, it is not reachable now. Last night I was dreaming about this girl & didn’t sleep for the whole night, today anxieties about her don’t let me sleep.

3rd day

Last night I didn’t get enough sleep because of worrying about her. I was busy in getting ready for college, suddenly my phone started to ring. This is her; she seems pretty well than last night. We started to talk. She told me why she needed my help. She is in real danger, she wants me to rescue her.

“she gets trapped in the house some Tamilian politician, who want to sell her for money. She tried to call the police but police didn’t reply or provide any help. She told me the address, where they kept important thing she told that they are going to sell her in coming 2-3 days.”

It’s like the danger everywhere, if I go to rescue her. But if I get succeed it will save one life or may be more than life, it can be a big racket, it can risk to my life. I have to think about it.


it’s a normal morning with a happiness of success, even if she didn’t reply. but one question stuck up in my mind, “who is she?.” I already rejected thought of calling again, can I hope for a reply.My fate was not too good as she would call me, but unexpectedly my phone rang.& it was the same number I was dreaming about the whole night. I received the call with full of my happiness, but my eye becomes blurry & I have a feeling like I’m loosing my mind. because it’s man voice from opposite side & he is abusing me in a south Indian language. I don’t know what he is talking but I can totally say that he is abusing me because abusing needs no language. I instantly end the call, because he almost reached my grandparents. but after the college, there is a call again but this time I don’t want to feel the fear. it’s back to back 3-4 calls, maybe I have to take the call…

I don’t know what is coming towards my life!!



As always I was dialing random numbers on mobile, after 2-3 times it always becomes a boring thing but anyways I was doing it again. Because , when it comes to hard work and destiny I’ll choose destiny by hardwork. But let it be, I always hoped it will work someday. But I never knew this was the day I was waiting for, I heard a very cute and soft voice from the other side of the phone but before I could answer it, it hung up because of my low balance. I reached the recharge store with a speed of a light & recharged my mobile & and tried to call again . But the other side did not receive my call.. i tried again 2 times but no answer, but I was used to it. It was late night so I ignored it and I went to sleep not knowing what’s next..